A CT Scan or Computed Tomography Scans is an advanced medical imaging procedure used in radiology for detailed, images of the human body non-invasively for diagnosis purposes. The people who perform CT scans are known as radiologists or radiological technologists. A CT scanner is made up of many tiny camera parts which are all put together in the form of a computer. When a patient is placed in a scanner it will create a three-dimensional image of their body. It is not easy to comprehend just how much detail a CT Scan can show.

A CT Scan is used to identify tumors, blockages, cysts, cancerous growths, abnormalities, and other abnormal growths in the human body. A CT scan makes use of a special type of light called a contrast agent that is injected into a patient's blood or tissue and then the machine uses the contrast agent to illuminate the affected area. If the contrast agent in the bloodstream is white, it will show up as a bright image on the CT Scan. In the event, if it is yellow, it will show up as a faint yellow image. A contrast agent will either be given through the skin or into the blood by way of a needle.

Another name for CT Scanning is Computerized Tomography or CAT Scans. Computerized tomography is basically the same thing but instead of a patient being placed inside a CT scanner, it is a machine that produces the images. A cat scan is basically a machine that produces the same images as a CT Scan and does not require the use of a contrast agent. The images produced by these two different CT Scans are used to create the x-rays and other diagnostic tools. When these two different types of scans are combined they form a complete medical picture of a person's body.

There are many different uses for CT Scanners. If a doctor suspects that a person has cancer, CT Scanners are used to determine the tumor that is present and remove it. This method of removing tumors from a person's body has helped save a lot of lives. Another use for CT Scanners is to locate tumors in the brain or spinal cord of a person. These scans have become so valuable that many doctors will ask a patient to come into the clinic with their head or neck pain, and they will begin scanning using a CAT Scan or a Computerized Tomograph. This way the doctor can find out exactly where the pain is coming from and hopefully it can be treated without any more unnecessary surgery.

Many people are also familiar with the CT Scanners used to produce ultrasound images. These types of CT Scanners have been around for years but most people only think of them when having a mammogram or obtaining an abdominal X-ray. These special CT Scanners not only produce great images of tumors and other medical conditions but can also be used to find other problems in the human body. CT Scanners have been used to produce extremely high-quality images of people who have had strokes, brain aneurysms, seizures, and even to discover the cause of death in cases where death has been caused by a car accident.

When a CT scan is done by a doctor or other qualified medical professional, there are a few things that can happen. If the scan shows that there is an abnormal lesion or growth on a person's breast, doctors can actually remove the growth. However, sometimes removing a growth is not an option and it becomes necessary for doctors to operate on a person if they can't do anything else to save their life. When that's the case, the doctor may recommend an actual ct scanning